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Bedre elbilsladning i Aalborg [Danish]

Det er en ny æra for offentlig opladning af elbiler i Aalborg. Efter en meget begrænset udvikling i 2021 er der i foråret 2022 åbnet flere nye offentlige ladepladser i Aalborg og Nørresundby. Nu er det næsten altid muligt at finde en ledig offentlig lader, når man skal bruge den. Dermed er det blevet meget nemmere at kombinere elbil med at bo i lejlighed, samt at være plug-in-bils-gæst i Aalborg.

AAWireless First Impressions

My car supports Android Auto which lets me connect my smartphone and use the phone’s apps on the car’s infotainment system including touchscreen, speakers and microphone. Examples include Google Maps for navigation and Spotify for music, as well as Google Assistant voice commands.

It normally requires a wired USB connection between phone and car, but AAWireless is a device that acts as a wireless bridge between phone and car while the device stays plugged in to the car, so your phone can stay in your pocket or bag. I’m happy so say it works well so far.

Bedre hurtigladning i Aalborg [Danish]

Foråret har bragt bedre muligheder for offent­lig opladning af elbiler i Aalborg, til glæde for både gæster og os der bor i lejlighed eller af andre årsager ikke har egen ladeboks. Situa­tionen er blevet bedre både når det gælder hurtig­ladning og destinations­ladning. Dette indlæg handler om det første.

Motorvejsladning [Danish]

Offentlige ladepunkter for elbiler --- de orange punkter er hurtigladere. Skærmbillede fra [PlugShare][plugshare].Offentlige ladepunkter for elbiler — de orange punkter er hurtigladere. Skærmbillede fra PlugShare.

En elbil oplades typisk i et roligt tempo mens den er parkeret hjemme, på arbejde eller ved en offentlig destinations­lader. Men når man skal køre langt benytter man ladere med høj effekt, så man kan komme hurtigt videre. Dette indlæg handler om hurtig­ladere i Danmark, med fokus på motorvejen mellem Aalborg og København. På de 416 km mellem de to byer er der 64 CCS-stik langs motor­vejen til hurtig­ladning, og nogle flere i byerne omkring motor­vejen. Dette er et rigtig godt udgangs­punkt når man kører turen, men for at optimere rejsens tid eller pris kan man med fordel benytte nogle ladere frem for andre.

3000 km for under €100

Getting an electric vehicle while living in an apartment was a bit of an experiment. Public charging is still a bit rough around the edges, but it turned out manageable, and in fact quite cheap, with the help from some free charging. Here’s my experience with EV charging in the past six months.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

In late 2020 we decided to get a car. After relying on the extensive Danish public transport system for many years, it was time for a “socially distanced” means of transportation. My friend Jon had just got a Hyundai Kona Electric — a mini-crossover with good range. This sparked my interest in electric cars, and after a month of research and testing, we ordered its sibling, the 2020 IONIQ Electric. It’s a frugal yet fun car with good value but some drawbacks.

RIP Mercurial (on Bitbucket)

Bitbucket is going to drop support for the Mercurial version control system, due to most people using Git instead. I use both Mercurial (hg) and Git, and while Git has become the de facto standard today, Mercurial was my first love in the world of version control systems, and I’m sad to see it go.

Of course, Mercurial is not dead, but being removed from Bitbucket is a big deal (at least to me). But this news also gave me an occasion to reconsider Git vs. Mercurial, and writing this post has actually given me a newfound, if not appreciation, then at least understanding of Git.

Google Assistant Currently Unavailable for This Language

One day I said “Hey Google” and my Pixel didn’t respond. After a few more unsuccessful tries I went into the settings and saw that Voice Match — the feature that lets you activate Google Assistant by voice — “is currently unavailable for this language”. I found this strange since the language was set to English, and it used to work. Now, neither US nor UK English, nor Danish, could make it work.

I googled the problem and found lots of tips, but none of them worked. Later I found a solution, that I’ll post here in the hopes of helping someone else.