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Avatar: The Way of Water

Picture shows a scene from "Avatar: The Way of Water" with Na'vi people and creatures on a beach

Back in December 2009, I saw the premiere of the movie Avatar, and was completely enraptured by this beautiful fictional blue world. I went to the cinema to watch it multiple times. I studied Na’vi, the language constructed for the movie (which has a real grammar behind its pleasant alien sound). I ordered the movie for pickup at Blockbuster at the midnight DVD release (yes, a physical Blockbuster store!) I just absolutely adored the movie. Fast-forward to the present, and we finally got to watch the sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water.

This post is not a review, or at least not a very comprehensive one. It is just a short praise of a movie that managed to transport me 13 years back, back to a time before I was a dull grown-up with a mortgage. Back to when a good movie meant a movie I enjoyed, rather than one that critics enjoyed.

Did the movie have flaws? Yes.

Did I love it? Yes.

Did I shed a tear? Yes.

Am I going to watch it again? Yes.